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       ‘Bluff in Retrospect’ is an 84 page book containing 40 pages of photographs along with 40 pages of information about the large number of subjects it covers.  Hugely popular book. The first print of 1000 copies sold out extremely quickly and following huge public demand Bluff History Group commissioned a reprint in 2008. If you have family connections with Bluff, are a collector of local history publications or are simply interested in small town history then this one is for you.

   The contents include many landmarks from Bluff of which only some remain today. A book not to be missed  and only costs $18.50 plus $1.50 p & p within NZ. (Overseas extra).

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     This publication contains an authentic diary of life aboard Captain Harry Rodrique’s Bluff based vessel ‘Kekeno’ during New Zealand’s last open sealing season in 1946. There is also an overview of sealing in NZ waters from 1790, with much never before printed information. The diaries are very precise containing graphic detail of ‘man against the sea.’

The storms endured and trials of seaboard life, hunger, stress and the devastating decision to abandon crew for several days without supplies on Solander Island are but a sample of what these strong brave men endured. Many original photographs from the Roderique collection enhance the book’s story.

This story is part of New Zealand’s maritime history and has never before been printed. There is very little information anywhere else about this final open sealing season in NZ waters, an event which in today’s times will certainly never be repeated.

This amazing book has received many glowing reviews from various publications throughout NZ. It is a story not to be missed - Price $16.50 including $1.50 p&p within NZ. (Overseas extra.)

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 ’ The latest book from the Bluff History Group, Hey-Day to May-Day is a snapshot of a very important era in the Bluff fishing industry and records details of boats and lives lost in harsh southern waters during the crayfish boom years.  A segment of a much larger picture of an industry and a tough group of men who have been the back none and life blood of Bluff, the earliest European-settled town in New Zealand.    With a run of only 500 this book is selling fast, don't miss out!

STOP PRESS:  Hey-Day to May-Day sold out within 2 weeks of launch.  A reprint has taken place and copies Hey-Day to May-Day are once again available, but selling very quickly!
- Price $45.00 plus $5.00 p & p within NZ. (Overseas extra.)
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