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   In 1824 James Spencer landed at Bluff to found one of the earliest settlements in New Zealand.
   The first European name for the town was "The Mount" followed by "Old Mans Bluff", the term 'old man' from the Celtic meaning High Rock.  This was eventually dropped and became "The Bluff".  Maori called it an island "Motupohue" or the 'Island of Convolvulus' .  In 1856 it was changed again to Campbelltown and then officially became Bluff on 1st March 1917. Bluff is a small town nestled beside a wonderful harbour and is steeped in the history of whaling, sealing and shipping. 


    Bluff is a seaside town situated 27km south of Invercargill. It is a long established fishing port and home to the famous world renowned Foveaux Strait oyster and the much visited Stirling Point signpost. Locals affectionately say ’Bluff, the town where the highway begins.’



-Bluff’s Club Hotel-

A category 2 registered building with NZ Historic Places Trust.